A Lush Haul

What is is about Lush? You go in for one small thing and come out with a bag of goodies! I went in with the intention of buying a present and one, solitary bath bomb and I came out laden with things. Here’s a run down of all the products and I’m sure you’ll see why they weres all perfectly justifiable!

Tisty Tosty is the most beautiful bath bomb that has ever existed! It has such a strong smell of roses, which I’m obsessed with, and it’s full of tiny little rose buds that float around the bath once the bomb has dissolved-the dream!

You know when you’re standing at the check-out and you spot something that then quickly joins your other purchases? Well that’s what happened with Mint Julips, a mint lip scrub. I saw it and just popped it into my bag like that. In my defense my lips are so dry and flaky from the air conditioning and this has sorted them right out. The Lush lip scrubs are made from caster sugar so they are completely safe, not to mention tasty. I think this has become a must for me.

The reason I found myself in Lush to begin with was to repurchase Buffy (I cannot think of that without adding Vampire Slayer!) I’m seriously bad at neglecting my skin, especially my legs. The water here in Abu Dhabi is really hash so that has only made things worse for me. I love this because it’s a body butter and gritty scrub all in one. The best part is that this can be used in the shower or bath, so it’s hassle free. I just love how it leaves my skin super soft and a tiny bit buttery after using it.

I like a good bath, but I love bubble baths! The Comforter is just the trick for lots and lots of bubbles. I crumbled this is with a bit of the Tisty Tosty and it worked so perfectly. It’s a blackcurrant scent so it smells so beautiful and fruity. It really does live up to it’s name-nothing like a good bubble bath to make everything alright.

Jumping Juniper is a shampoo bar, yes a shampoo in a solid form! I actually used this a good few years ago and I found it good with my greasy hair. It’s a super handy thing to have for traveling with the pesky liquid restrictions. And it’s definitely a winner for greasy hair. I get 2 days tops out of my hair normally and by the end of the second day it is gross-come the second day with this though and it still looks good. The only downside is I’m finding it a bit too drying on my hair. Forever a Goldilocks!

The Butterball contains exactly just what you would expect; lots and lots of butter! Cocoa butter that is. The bomb fizzles away in the bath and the butter slowly melts which is heaven for dry skin. I am obsessed.

What are your favourite products from Lush?

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