A Lip Combination Favourite

A Lip Combination Favourite

I was never really a lipstick wearer before this year. I don’t really like the maintenance that goes a long with it. I do love a pop of colour, but I hate the worry of it being all over my face or the nagging paranoia that it’s after wearing off. I like low maintenance makeup. Earlier this year I discovered my perfect day-to-day lipstick and I’ve been obsessed since. I’ve never, ever managed to finish a whole lipstick in my life before, but I’ve used every little bit of this and it’s since been repurchased. I even have a number of them for my different bags and one permanently on my dressing table.

What is this magic lipstick? Its ‘s Rimmel  Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 45. Yep, the one that you can get anywhere that sells makeup!

I’ve always been a fan of the Kate Moss collaboration with Rimmel. Her first collection of Matte colours still provides me with one of my old reliable red lipsticks. At some point in recent time Kate brought out another collection of nude lipsticks. There’s a varying collection of nude shades to choose from but 45 is more on the darker side.

I love this because it gives me just a flush of colour. It has a strong hint of mauve going through it and I just love mauve lipsticks. The winning aspect for me is that it’s just so comfortable to wear, it’s really moisturising and light. It also wears really well. I quite often wear it on its own, but if I have the time and inclination I like to pair it with the Essence Cosmetics Lipliner in 06 Satin Mauve which will set you back all of €1.30. This is such a great little purchase because I’ve found that this mauve hue works so well with so many different colours especially nude lipsticks as it gives them a little bit more pop.

I know that Honey Love by MAC is a firm favourite when it comes to nude lipsticks, but I just found with my super pale complexion that it made me look very corpse-like. This combination is my absolute favourite as it works so well with my complexion and it’s so low maintenance. It’s my go to everyday. Sometimes I also like to wear another MAC favourite, Velvet Teddy, on top of this combination for a little bit more depth.

Both the lipstick and lip liner are great on their own but together they really do make the perfect combination. Dear Rimmel, please don’t ever discontinue this lipstick!

Whats your favourite nude lipstick?

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