A first purchase of Sunday Riley


I feels like in 2016 almost all of the beauty world has had the name Sunday Riley on their lips. And after feeling that my skin needed a little something extra I decided that I needed to know what the hype was all about. My skin concerns were I just needed something a little different in my routine. Overall my skin is generally fine. I sometimes have a few breakouts if I’m eating poorly and the heat in Abu Dhabi does not help matters. I just felt that the texture and overall appearance needed something a bit more. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to try from the range, but after a very helpful chat with the lovely staff in Space NK in Harvey Nichols in Dundrum I decide to try the Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment.

Good Genes gives the appearance that you “got if from your mama“! The Lactic Acid exfoliates your skin and works to boost your complexion, plump up fine lines and reveal brighter, newer skin. It also contains Licorice which reduces hyper-pigmentation while lemongrass increases circulation for immediate radiance. The lemongrass also smells divine! I find it so comforting especially at night time. Over time it is supposed to help restore damaged skin, reduce hyper-pigmentation and scars, reduce the depth and number of lines and wrinkles and even out skin tone.

Although I was impressed with it overall,l I still found that I had small bumps under my skin (which drive me crazy) until I started to really work it into my skin. Before I was just applying it lightly to the skin, but now I spend time really working it in and I’ve seen better results.

I’m not going to lie, good skin – or good genes in this case, comes with a hefty price tag. This set me back €98. And I’m struggling to decided if it’s worth it. Yes, I do think my skin overall looks better. It’s clearer, brighter, more radiant, but the price! If it was around the €50 price mark I would say yes to it forever and always, but at twice the cost I’m not so sure if my bank balance can keep up with it on top of the rest of my skincare routine (I am high maintance, #sorrynotsorry) In the 3 months I have been using it I’m just over three quarters of my way though it. That means nightly use with one pump will last you around 3-4 months. I know I read somewhere that that’s generally the lifespan of a product you use daily, but when we’re talking about this price bracket it’s a bit alarming for my bank balance.

Would I buy it again? Probably, but if I found something similar and most budget friendly I’d be open to making a swap. In saying that I’m dying to try the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil and the Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser. I definitely think I’ll be making those purchases over the Christmas holiday.

Have you tried Sunday Riley?

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