3 ways to…wear fishtail plaits

fishtail plaits/braids three ways to wear

Fishtail plaits were an enigma to me for so long. The detail in them look amazing and complex yet they appear so easy to achieve in step-by-step instructions, but then they’re actually not. Anyone else find that?
I finally taught myself how to do a fishtail plait through the wonder that is YouTube. For a while the process just didn’t click with me but once you get it it’s so easy. The video that really helped me grasp how to plait was this tutorial from the Beauty Department featuring Lauren Conrad. The fishtail has quickly become one of my favourite hairstyles so I decided to try out different ways to wear it. Once you manage the basic process applying it to other hairstyles is super easy.

1. To the left, to the left

fishtail plaits/braids three ways to wear

I mostly like to wear my fishtail to the side. What mood I’m in determines what side. Sometimes I think it suits me to the right, sometimes I think it suits me to the left. Today was a lefty day. I mainly go for a messy look but maybe that’s because I cant achieve a tidy look.

2. Topknot bun

fishtail plaits/braids three ways to wear topknot bun

Topknots are still very much in fashion and still my go-to when my hair in is a disastrous state. The fishtail version does take that little bit longer but it’s worth it. Simply pull your hair into a high ponytail (hello Vicky Pollard) and braid. Once you secure the braid mess it up a bit and then secure in a circle with bobby-pins.

3. Milkmaid braids

fishtail plaits/braids three ways to wear milkmaid braids

This works similarly to the topknot. Separate your hair into two equal pigtails and plait each side. Once finished take the plaits and secure to the top of your head. Overlap the braids to hide the bands and the messy ends.

Give your hair a very good brush before you start because knots make fishtail braids a nightmare. Once you’ve finished plaiting pull the braid out so it’s not as tight. Try use clear elastic bands as they look way better than my black ones, which are very obvious. It’s best to use a band to secure your ponytail before you start to plait and then cut it out.

I still think to the side is my favourite but the topknot isn’t to far behind, it just really tires out my arms.

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