2012: A year in review…


(From the top: New York, me in Times Square, baking cookies, day trip to Belfast with Ciara, seeing a Danny Elfman tribute concert, Edinburgh with Michelle and Sarah, snapping pictures in Edinburgh, King Charles Puppies, 99 on the weekend that became known as summer!)

I truly don’t know where the year has gone! I vividly remember sitting in a hotel in Washington DC this exact time last year messaging my friend Michelle teasing that we could now say that we would be graduating NEXT YEAR. Well now say that I’m graduating THIS YEAR! Eeeck.

2012 was filled with some amazing experiences that I’ll take with me forever. I kick started the year in DC and on January 1st we took the bus to New York. That road trip was an incredible experience. Four States in five hours and tons of beautiful scenery. If you want to get your year off to a good start head to NYC!


(From the top: being classy at my dinner party drinking wine from a teacup, Eoin reading extracts from 50 Shades of Grey, amazing M&S Summer BBQ,  our foster doggie Simon, first published beauty features in Prudence magazine, home feature in House and Home, watching Eiffel Tower sparkle in the summer dusk, being credited on the inside cover of KISS Magazine.)

And of course the big thing for me was landing my very first internship with Dyflin Media. I met and worked with some incredible people there and finally got to see my name featured in not one but three national magazines. It was a dream come true and I’m still so grateful for the experience.

Next up was a stint with KISS Magazine which was something that I had set my sights on a very long time ago. Interviewing Tyler Hilton and meeting Conor Maynard gave me quite the taste for celebrities! Next stop One Direction (in my dreams!)
(From the top: My cousin Angela’s Winter Wonderland Wedding, my yummy 21st cake, trying and loving my favorite beauty trend of 2012, me and my amazing friends helping me celebrate turning the big 2-1!)

This year was a learning curve and it brought some really great times and some bad ones. I tend to dwell on the negative sometimes and find fault with everything I do but this year I’m going to try turn that negativity around and be more positive and more brave. Onwards and upwards!

I’m beginning to make plans for 2013 and although its full of unsureness I’m certain it will be full of adventure too! I hope to see you all back here healthy and happy this time next year to recount the year.
Here’s to 2013!

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